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The mission of Western Oklahoma State College is to provide high quality education, support student success, and empower individuals to become productive members of local, regional, and global communities.

In accordance with our mission, Western's educational programs and services are designed to help people achieve their individual potential, enrich their lives, and become responsible and productive members of society. Thus, Western Oklahoma State College exists for the following purposes:

  • to provide a quality and affordable general education for all students;
  • to provide a rigorous education in several basic fields of university-parallel study for those students who plan to transfer to a senior institution and complete a bachelor's degree;
  • to provide one- and two-year programs of technical and occupational education to prepare individuals to enter the labor market;
  • to provide programs of remedial and developmental education for those whose previous education may not have prepared them for college;
  • to provide both formal and informal programs of study especially designed for adults and out-of-school youth in order to serve the community generally with a continuing education opportunity;
  • to carry out programs of institutional research designed to improve the institution's efficiency and effectiveness of operation;
  • to provide student and program support in the form of assessment and guidance services designed to maximize program potential enabling students to reach their educational and career goals; and
  • to participate in programs of economic development with comprehensive or regional universities toward the end that the needs of each institution's geographic service area are met.